Blueprint For Greatness Book – Special Edition Hardcover

Over 1,000 Messages to motivate and inspire you to greatness in all aspects of your life.
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The Blueprint for Greatness

Over 1,000 Messages to motivate and inspire you to greatness in all aspects of your life.


Daily Warm-Ups

180 Writing Prompts for each day of the school year.


Student Action Guide – Leadership Training

An Action Guide for Leaders filled with lessons. Accompanies The Blueprint for Greatness book.


Student Action Guide – Self-Esteem Builder

An Action Guide to empower students to greatness.


Student Action Guide – Responsibility, Integrity And Wise Choices

An Action Guiide to teach students to be responsible and wise.


Student Action Guide – Conflict Resolution And Interpersonal Skills Development

An Action Guide to help students successfully deal with conflict.


3 Quotes-A-Day

3 Powerful Quotes for Every Day of the Week: Morning, Afternoon, and Night.


Teacher Resource Book

Lessons to help you maximize you usage of The Blueprint For Greatness Book.


How To Self-Publish

If you want to know the many benefits of…and how to self-publish, you must invest in this book.


Step-by-Step Enrichment Activity – My Life

Powerful Mini Lesson on Life.


Step-by-Step Enrichment Activity – Pledge

The Initial Lesson you must teach to all of your students.


Step-by-Step Enrichment Activity – The Power & Beauty of Choices

Powerful Mini Lesson on Choices.


Step-by-Step Enrichment Activity – What Is Success

Powerful Mini Lesson on What is Success.


The Importance Of Teachers Who Care – Chart

Dedicated to All Teachers – Read over and over again for Motivation and Inspiration – Please share with another teacher!


12 Principles Of Success – Chart

The 12 Principles of Success – Students Must Memorize and Internalize.


Speaker Brochure


Music Downloads

Featuring “The Pledge” and “The Importance of Teachers Who Care”

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