Praise for Jerome’s “Blue Print to Greatness” Book and his “Inspiration 52 Program”

“If you’re ready to experience more success, joy and happiness, then read and absorb the strategies in this brilliant book by my friend Jerome Carter! This book can change your life!”

-James Malinchak, Featured on ABCs Hit TV Show, “Secret Millionaire”
Author of the Top-Selling Book, “Millionaire Success Secrets”
Founder, www.BigMoneySpeaker.com

“It’s not your aptitude but your attitude that determines your altitude and Jerome Vincent Carter’s Inspiration 52 program takes you to a whole new level!”

-Dave Meltzer, CEO Sports 1 Marketing
Former CEO, Leigh Steinberg’s Sports management Company

“Inspiration 52 serves as a networking source for students; allowing them to interact with people who of prestigious backgrounds and whom are now leading successful lives is truly inspiring. It is a well-balanced program that focuses on self-identity and character education for the pursuit of happiness and success. I52 is a vehicle that motivates students to strive for excellence! The combination of an engaging instructor, an equally engaging class, and a subject that was important to me (LIFE) all combined to form an intellectual and educational experiences I will never forget.

It was such a gift to have been able to see that there are many students who want to learn, share their stories, and who are excited about self-expression. I’ve learned that it’s ok for me to be me!!”

-Jackie Moore-Smith, Former WNBA Basketball Player
Highly In Demand Motivational Speaker!

“Knowing Jerome for close to 2 decades, he has touched many lives in this world! However, I feel personally that he inspired and reignited my possibilities of success and achievement. Jerome has helped me to see that the Game isn’t over. Through Inspiration 52, he inspired me and showed me a clear picture of the opportunities within our fingertips for others and myself.

No man is perfect, except Jesus! However, I know Jerome wants clarity for all that walk the earth to overcome their blind spots in life. Thank you Jerome Vincent Carter for seeing my blind spots and supporting me. Thank you for exposing blind spots through your book, The Blueprint For Greatness!

Jerome Vincent Carter!  Your writings are powerful!”

-Solomon Miller, NFL Super Bowl XXI World Champion, New York Giants

“Inspiration 52 bridges the gap between instruction and reality. When the students relate to and apply the messages within the poetry to their lives; the results are incredible!”

-Anthony Cobbs, Former NFL Corner Back, Motivational Speaker and Broadcaster

“We have been using Jerome’s book, The Blueprint for Greatness, with our students that come to the MLB Urban Youth Academy. Jerome’s book is being be read by the youth and their parents! Everyone agrees that the messages are edifying and inspiring!”

Doug Takaragawa, MLB Scouting Bureau

“Jerome’s Messages are in agreement with the Jackie Robinson Core values we teach at the Academy. Thank you Jerome Vincent Carter for sharing your “Blueprint For Greatness” with MLB and the World!”

Don Buford, MLB World Champion and MLB Hall of Fame

“I have seen, first hand, how the Inspiration 52 Program has made a positive impact on every level of the educational community, from student to educator, to parent. The implementation of Jerome’s learning strategies and 12 principles has literally changed destinies. It’s impressive to witness Jerome’s gifts make a difference.”

Jack Lightsy, professional writer, director, Actor and producer

“Jerome Vincent Carter’s ‘Inspiration 52′ has had such an amazing impact on scores of students’ lives, especially students that are near and dear to both of our hears: our inner-city youth. When your students share their voices through the simple poetry exercises that Jerome offers, I promise you that you will see students who are more engaged and empowered. His ‘Inspiration 52′ program is an ABSOLUTE MUST for anyone dedicated to improving how students see their world, themselves and others.”

Dr. Danny Brassell, www.dannybrassell.com
“America’s Leading Reading Ambassador”
Best-selling Author and Highly-Acclaimed Leadership Success Keynote Speaker

”I have worked in the Inspiration 52 Program for the past decade with Mr. Carter. It’s amazing how even the most ‘at risk’ youth can turn their lives around with the just right tool. Inspiration 52 is one of such tool.”

Mr. Michael Dennis, Principal and Owner of Teacher Power, Inc.

“Jerome Carter and Inspiration 52 challenged the students to think more deeply about their goals and choices as they transitioned to high school. They looked forward, with excitement to Mr. Carters Inspiration 52 group.

Jerome Vincent Carter is dynamic and real! He has the ability to create a safe place with the use of Inspiration 52 for students to also be real as they explore their goals and begin to understand how today’s choices will shape their future.

I’m excited to welcome Jerome Vincent Carter back to my school site to work with a new group of students and observe the connections that take place as they work their way through Inspiration 52. The youth gain insight and begin to discover the power of their choices and how their decisions shape their future.”

Thanya Acosta-Haro, LCSW,
Los Angeles Unified School District

“I highly recommend both the Inspiration 52 book and program; it has been a powerful resource in my continued transformation and journey. The coaching, mentorship, and friendship I continue to receive from Jerome Vincent Carter are invaluable to my current and future success.”

Eldridge J. Broussard, Author and Motivational Speaker

“As an Assistant Principal and Intervention Coordinator at McKinley Ave. School, I have had the pleasure of working closely with Jerome Carter as an outreach consultant for Inspiration 52. I know Mr. Carter to be an intelligent, dedicated, and outstanding individual with a thorough understanding of curriculum and a sincere care for students.

In addition to his other endeavors, Mr. Carter has made it his life’s mission to ensure that each and every student understands the possibilities that the future holds for them in spite of the obstacles that many of our students face. On behalf of the students and staff of McKinley Avenue School, I applaud Mr. Carter’s great enthusiasm, sincere efforts, and professionalism while serving as a role model and mentor for our students.”

Tyra B. Henderson,
Principal, Los Angeles Unified School District

“I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Jerome Vincent Carter over the past year at Cimarron Avenue Elementary School. Mr. Carter’s extreme professionalism and dedication, throughout the ten week program, served not only as a model to the students he worked with but also to the teachers.

Mr. Carter’s character building program, Inspiration 52, and his genuine caring spirit, helped to shape and guide our fourth and fifth grade students. Through principles, music and inspirational poetry, students were encouraged to set goals and accomplish their dreams. Mr. Carter built self-esteem, confidence and awareness within each student that they will be college prepared and career ready. Mr. Carter was able to mentor a group of at risk African American boys. Teaching them to make better choices and understand the consequences of their actions, proved to have a long-term influence.

It is my opinion that the benefits of this program will have a lasting effect on our students as we continue the work of preparing them to become leaders in our community.”

Dana Rivers, Principal, Los Angeles Unified School District

“Inspiration 52 is a program I would highly recommend for all schools. It is a character-building program that encourages students to think about the decisions and choices they make and that the choices they make have an impact in their life. Mr. Carter equipped students with strategies that students will be able to use to help build self-esteem and build a foundation for success in school and their education. He encouraged students to think about their hopes and dreams. We were fortunate that the students at Coliseum had the opportunity to have experienced the character building seminars that Mr. Carter conducted.”

Sylvia Valles, Principal, Los Angeles Unified School District

“It is my pleasure to endorse a spectacular program, Inspiration 52 and its founder, Mr. Jerome Vincent Carter. I was first introduced to this fantastic character education program in 2007 during a middle school staff presentation. This ingenious program is a fun teaching tool that uses a medium that is both appealing to students and facilitates learning. It compliments and enhances any curriculum in a manner that is relevant and contemporary for today’s youth.

We needed a strong male role model and mentor to connect with these young men. The first person I thought of and invited to speak to these students was Jerome Carter. He brings a unique background of diverse, relevant experience that compels students to make education and personal growth a priority. His Inspiration 52 Program motivated and inspired them to do the best they can. The Big Brothers responded extremely well and many of them look forward to working with Inspiration 52 through their AVID class.”

Carmen Torres, Counselor, Compton Unified School District

“Jerome V. Carter is a pedagogically sound educator, who is also an innovative and inspirational instructional leader. Jerome Vincent Carter is truly a fine educator, committed to student achievement, teacher development and changing the lives of all students. He is a special person that has created a special program that has touched thousands of lives throughout the world.”

Dr. Darin Earley, College Professor, Author and Motivational Speaker

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