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Let Top Inspirational Speaker, Professor and Author Jerome Vincent Carter Empower, Inspire and Motivate Your Parents, Teachers and Students.


Jerome’s 12 Principles of success will show your learning community how to create and maintain a culture and climate of success in your district, school site or in selected classroom(s)!

Jerome on KKLA

Jerome Vincent Carter discusses from Gangs to Greatness with Frank Sontag on the KKLA Frank Sontag Show.
Jerome shares his journey from inner city South Central Los Angeles, to College, Marriage, Business, Mentoring and Ministry!

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I understand you face many challenges and frustrations as a school administrator.  

As a college professor, consultant and former school administrator, I know the importance of culture and climate on a school campus.  I will work with you and your staff and will talk with them and not at them, to help the entire learning community achieve greatness each and every school year.. I will not only work with your parents, teachers and students during the seminar but I will work with your school or district every week or month of the school year, including summer!

I understand your concerns. I have been an educator for nearly 3 decades!!!

Let’s face it, your learning community is dealing with their own challenges, responsibilities, and demands for their time.You want this time to matter to them and for your learning community to walk away with more than a cheerleading session, but to experience something meaningful while having fun, some laughs and being educated along the way.


You want your learning community to be moved and changed.

You want people to walk out with tools that will equip them more effectively to deal with the demands of their daily challenges in the classroom, at the school site or in the home. You want them leave as a different person than when they walked into, “The Blueprint For Greatness Seminar!” You would have not only have provided great value to your members but also the momentum of change flowing out into your learning communities and ultimately the world. 


I believe my story, my experiences, books and curriculum and my 12-Principles of Success can assist with jump starting that change for your school or district.

1. Life-Changing Message: Jerome is a true testament of persevering and being a role model. After growing up in South Central Los Angeles and navigating his way through  Manual Arts High School, he went on to attend Several Colleges to become a professor, author and successful entrepreneur.

2. Inspirational Speaker: Today, Jerome is a top-selling author and highly sought-after inspirational and motivational speaker who can speak for crowds ranging from 30-30,000+ sharing his Blueprint to Success formula and secrets to greatness!”

3. Proven Strategies for Success: If you’re looking for a speaker/teacher/consultant that will inspire your district or school to overcome challenges and achieve greater success, then Jerome is the right speaker for your school or district.  We have raised test scores and lowered referrals and suspensions!

4. Best-Selling Author: Jerome’s message also changes lives through his book, “Inspiration 52- The Blueprint For Greatness!” More than a book, Jerome’s Principles are 

being implemented by districts, schools and students alike, as a personal and corporate blueprint for persevering through adversity  and achieving greater success.

5. Amazing Value: 100 Free Books For Your District, Schools, PTA and Students to Use As Fund Raisers!


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